Will for a Samuel Irwin in Meigs County?

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Poking around and found that there is a will for a Samuel Irwin in Meigs County. Before I plan a trip down there I wanted to check with you and find out if you have seen that one before... ?

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No, I didn't know of it. I'm

No, I didn't know of it. I'm very excited to see it. Of course it could prove that the Samuel and Thomas Ervin mentioned in "Pioneer History of Meigs County" are a completely different family than ours. It would be good to know either way, though.

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Samuel Irwin will in Meigs Co.

Do you have a date? Have you found it? If not the Meigs Co. Probate Court should be able to send you
a copy.

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Update:Here is the record


Here is the record listing for this particular will:


The 52 represents the county number, 4, the volume number and 11 is the page within the volume.

Volume 4 contains entries from 1874-1881, so unless we just haven't been able to find our Samuel in 1870 when we all thought he had passed, this is probably not our Samuel.

There is a Samuel Irvin listed in the census in 1870, Meigs Co., Scipio Twp:

Samuel Irvin age 64, (b-1806), Farmer, PA
Ruth, age 59, (b-1811), OH
Susan M, age 27, (b-1843), OH

This will in question is probably his.

Amy Ervin-Smithson

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