Will of John Darnall, mentions Samuel Arvin, 1798, Kentucky

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The following text was taken from Ancestry.com and may or may not be factual:

In 1776 in Frederick Co., Md., as John Darnold, the Census recorded the following family: "Marian, 31; Cornelas, 14; William, 12; Hennery, 10; Rebeca, 8; Thomas, 7; Ezekil, 5; Prissilla, 2; Rubin, 1."When the families moved on west is not definitely known; but Cornelius, eldest son of John, stated in his pension application, that he was "drafted into the army in 1781, from Washington Co., Pennsylvania," that being the year that Washington Co., was formed. John lived on Red Stone Creek, a stream running westerly into the Monongalia River and in the area now in the northern part of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. His brother, Isaac, apparently lived on the west side of the Monongahela River; as he was listed in Washington Co., Pa., in the 1790 Census, while Fayette Co., had been formed in 1783. Their brother, Samuel , apparently never lived in Pa.; the family homestead lying near the present Lake Lynn, Fayette Co., Pa., but south of the Mason and Dixon Line in Monongalia Co., W. Virginia. Samuel's grandson, John Wesley, reputedly was born in 1802 in Greene Co., Pennsylvania, formed in 1796; the only early record of any of Samuel's family in Pennsylvania; yet the brothers lived within a radius of 25 miles. This area had been claimed by Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, and generally known as Northwest Augusta.The Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. II, p. 200, July 7, 1784, states; "John Darnold, private 5th cl. Capt. James Craven's Co., 5th Batt., Washington Co., Militia." As John Darnel he was granted 844 acres of land in Jefferson Co., Va., (now Montgomery Co., Ky.) at Grassy Pastures on Lick Creek, on May 17, 1780, which was reaffirmed as a Lincoln Co., Ky., entry in 1783.Moved to Montgomery Co, Kentucky in 1788 by flat boat down the Ohio River. His will was written 7 December 1797 and probated 6 March 1798. Witnesses were Anthony Futard (Furstad or Furtad), Samuel Mohen Arvin, and Thomas Darnall. His will is recorded in Will Book A, page 8, Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Not withstanding John's large family of sixteen children, some of whom were under ten years of age, the bulk of his real-estate was willed to Cornelius Darnall and his brother Henry. Presumably, they were expected to look after their mother and younger brothers and sisters. This may be inferred from the fact that Cornelius, when he was discharged from the Army and intended removing to Lincoln Co., Tennessee, deeded his share of the estate to Henry Darnall.


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