A transcript of an interview with John Franklin Ervin (Rich's grandfather) which includes the legend of the raft.

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I copied this document from Bob (of Jackson, Ohio) Ervin's files. I can't remember now who made the original recording--who the interviewer was, that is. Perhaps it was Bob himself. Would someone who knows how to reach him, please clarify this for us. I thought is was a fascinating story. - Kathie Christensen

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The Interviewer

The original interviewer was in this case, Thomas Albert Ervin, who with Bob Ervin and Marg Neubig, descendent of James Leamon Ervin, worked together on this history for many years. Thomas Albert was the son of Ora Seldon and an original resident of the Homestead shown elsewhere on this page.

Humble (Dennis Erviin)

So is Thomas Albert Ervin

So is Thomas Albert Ervin different than the "Tom" who borrowed the tape from Bob to transcribe it?


That 'Tom' referred to there IS Thomas Albert Ervin who passed many years ago




They are the same man.

Strangely the letter Tom

Strangely the letter Tom sent to Bob with the return of the tape doesn't make it sound like Tom was the original interviewer:

"Aug 19, 1980

Dear Bob,

I'm returning enclosed herewith the tape you loaned me and a copy of five pages of my notes briefly outlining its contents and giving some comments intended to assist in associating the contents of the tape with other information relating to the various known branches of the family. I have left a space for you to add the date of the death of the Robert Ervin on the tape. I do not know his death date and will appreciate it if you can give it to me.

Thank you very much for the loan of this tape. Most of the information on it is new to me. I have tried to wrap it so as to prevent damage. Please let me know if it arrives in good condition.

Sincerely, Tom Ervin"


Forgive the mistake. It has been ten years since I did all this work myself. It is true that we are talking about Thomas Albert Ervin, Bob Ervin and Marg Neubig and they did work on this history for many years. Nevertheless, it might have been Bob who did the actual interview. Still, it is far more important what he said than to whom he may have said it.

Historically Yours,
Dennis Ervin



tape interview of John Franklin Ervin

I did a tape interview of my grandfather ( John Franklin Ervin) in Monroe Mi in the late 60's or early 70's.
I am not sure if this is the tape that you have. On the tape was the store of the brothers and the raft. I lost track of the tape. My Father ( Franklin Richard Ervin) had the tape the last that I knew of it. I hope this helps.

Richard Ervin

Richard, when you read the

Richard, when you read the transcript (posted with original comment), does it sound like the interview you did?


Tape Recording

The story sounds the same. I have not heard the tape in over 35 years and it is hard to remember. It may be the tape. I am glad that someone has "A" tape of my grandfather and the story of the raft.


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