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In response to a recent inquiry, here are a few records regarding Silas and Sarah ERVIN who resided in Carter Co. Kentucky.

In the 1870 Carter Co. KY Census I find:

Silas IRVIN age 32 (b-abt 1838) born KY Farmer
Sarah IRVIN age 26 (b-abt 1844) born KY Keeping House
William IRVIN age 6 (b-abt 1864) born KY
Susan IRVIN age 4 (b-abt 1866) born KY
Lucy IRVIN age 3 (b-abt 1867) born KY
John IRVIN age 7 mo (b-abt 1869) born KY

In the 1880 Carter Co. KY Census I find the same family:
Silas ERVIN age 43(b-abt 1837) born KY, KY, NC Farmer
Sarah ERVIN age 35 (b-abt 1845) born KY, KY, KY Keeping House
Jeremiah ERVIN age 16 (b-abt 1864) born KY, KY, KY
Sousan ERVIN age 14 (b-abt 1866) born KY, KY, KY
Loucy ERVIN age 12 (b-abt 1868) born KY, KY, KY
Thomus ERVIN age 10 (b-abt 1870) born KY, KY, KY
Robert S. ERVIN age 6 (b-abt 1874) born KY, KY, KY
Felda J. (sp?) ERVIN age 4 (b-abt 1876) born KY, KY, KY
Margaret ERVIN age 2 (b-abt 1878) born KY, KY, KY

Notes: Is Jeremiah the same person as William?

Unable to find the family in the 1850's, 1860's, and kids in 1900's but still looking - if you know please let me know.

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Thank you for the info-- I

Thank you for the info-- I had 1880 census. But not the 1870. I have some info on Robert Ervin. He married a Mary Hamm. They had a son Clifford. he died in 1982, buried in Bowen Chapel cememtery, Olive Hill, Ky. Lucy Ervin Married Anthony Ervin, also buried at Bowen Chapel. I can't find any info on Susan (husbands grandmother). She had a son John Ervin (my husbands father) Susan was not married at the time of his birth. So she gave him here maiden name. she did marry later to a George Ellison, they had a son hershey--He is buried at Bowen Chapel. Seems like all records of Susan has been deleted !!! Thank you again---Isabell

Silas Ervin-William,Jeremiah


You asked if William and Jeremiah are the same person. My great-grandfather was William Jerry Ervin born 2-20-1864 in Carter County to Silas Robie and Sarah (Thompson) Ervin. My dad says he remembers a reference to him being named Jeremiah. Do you know who Silas' ancestors were? I can't find any information on them. If you have specific questions about family members I may have some info.


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