Scipio Township, Meigs County, Ohio - Some Historical Facts

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Scipio Township
Meigs Cty, Ohio
Some Historical Facts
Compiled by? Mrs. M.E. Welch Rutland, Ohio for Return of Jonathoan Meigs Chapter National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Mrs. Bertha Lasher, Regent

Original transcribed documents attached, summary of Ervin/Irvin mentions below:

Pg. 10
"The first marriage was that of John Irwin and Milly Johnson".

"The village of Harrisonville is located near the center of what is known as the Lower Precinct of Scipio township. It was laid out in 1840 by Alexander Steward and Alfred Dunlap. The Dunlap addition, from land owned by Alfred Dunlap, comprised the northern part of the village. The Irwin addition, the eastern part, from land of Samuel Irwin. The White addition, the western part, from land of Horatio White. Mr. Dunlap lived in what is now the Nellie McClure home,. Mr. Irwin's home was the present site of the Frank Gibson home, and Horatio White's home was just west of town on the old road, then located between the Dr. Day office building and the home of Mrs. Eva White."

"The Civil War between the states began with the Bombardment of Fort Sumptor April 12, 1861. The gallant remnants of the Confederate Army laid down their arms at Appomattox Courthouse, on April 9, 1865, and the Confederacy came to an end.

Volunteers from Scipio during the years 1861-62 were 168. Scipio's contribution in soldiers during the war period was as grest in proportion perhaps as any section of equal size. While many families furnished several members for the service, The William Howell family living near Pagetown doubtless holds the record in number for Scipio, a record perhaps unequaled in the State of Ohio. According to information received, Mr. Howell was the father of 9 sons in the war, his second wife Jane (Irwin) Howell, the mother of 7 of these sons. The Jane Howell Tent, Daughters of Union Veterans, Pomeroy, Ohio was named in honor of Jane Howell."

Pg. 35
"William Howell, came from Canada. In making the journey, he, it is said walked across Lake Erie upon the ice.

Two sons by his first marriage remained in Canada, coming to Scipio at a later date. They were Edward and Richard. The name of their mother is not known.

William Howell was accompanied by a brother, who it is thought was Joseph Howell, married Mary Ann Bradfield (dau. of Zachariah).

William Howell married second Jane Irwin, a sister of Samuel Irwin from whose farm the eastern part of Harrisonville was laid out, and which was known as the Irwin addition.

They were the parents of eleven children, 8 sons and 3 daughters. Notable is the fact that the 8 sons all served thier country in The Civial War. The son Edward by his first marriage was also a civil war soldier. This giving to William Howell the distinction of giving 9 sons for service to his country. Two of these, Samuel and Harrison, died in the service. The Jane Howell Tent, dau. of Union Veteran's was named in honor of Jane (Irwin) Howell....."

Pg. 37

Samuel Irwin, born in 1806, died in 1873. He married Ruth Douglas in 1829. She was born in 1811; died in 1888. She was the daughter of John Douglas from Massachusetts.


I - Jane, born in 1830, she married John Burt.
II - Marion
III - Asbury Shepard Irwin, born April 22, 1834, died Dec. 30, 1881. He married Sarah Ann Wells. She was born 1839 and died 1912. She was the daughter of Harrison Wells. They had:
I - Henry
II - Dora, she married Luther Risinger of Gallipolis
III - Asa, married Bessie Black, they live in Florida.
IV - Dell, married Agnes
V - Alma, married Earl Atkins and they have two sons, Eugene and Virgil.
IV - La Fayette, married a Mr. Colluough and they went west.
V - David Irwin"

Pg. 38

"Joshua Johnson came it is believed from Portugal in the very early days, and bought a valuable tract of land in Scipio Twp. which included the land on which Harrisonville is now located. His home was west of Harrisonville.

He was married twice. The wife of his first marriage is not known, but they had three children-one son and two daughters. His second wife was a sister-in-law of a Mr. Trickler, wealthy farmer of Gallia Co. By this marriage he had two sons and one daughter.

I - Isaac the eldest son located near Cincinnati.
II - Kate married a Mr. McHenry.
III - Milly married John Ervin.(second marriage)
IV - David married Mrs. Patton and they moved to Missouri.
V - James married the widow of his brother Isaac and they lived on his father's farm.
VI - Polly was a maiden lady and a school teacher, both in Ohio and Missouri. She went with relatives in Missouri, to California during the "Gold Rush" where it is supposed that she died."


"Harrison Wells, b. May 1, 1832 in Muskingum County, Ohio, settled in Scipio Twonship in 1861, coming from Zanesville. He married, Dec. 4, 1856, Rachel Ann Butler. They lived about 1 mile north of Harisonville. Mrs. Asbury Irwin was a sister of Harrison Wells...."

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