Robert Hall Ervin (1852-1912)

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From The Republican Tribune, McArthur, Ohio, 28 Mar 1912:

Considerable excitement was occasioned near it's Hocking Valley depot in Hambden at about 11 o'clock on Wednesday forenoon, when Robert H. Ervin, a well-known citizen of Vinton County residing near Dundas, while walking along the macadam road, going in the direction of the station, above-named carrying a grip, was seen to suddenly stagger and pitch forward on his face in the middle of the road. Eye-witnesses who hurried to where he lay found him unconscious, when medical aid was summoned, but Dr. E. S. Ray pronounced him dead on his arrival a few minutes later, the cause in all probability being due to heart trouble. It is learned that he had been in Columbus on Sunday. On the morning of the fatalilty, however, he came from down in Jackson county to Hamden, on the 9:50 Belt Line car, being in the very best of humor. Just where he was going when death overtook him no one seems to know. His son, R. A. Ervin, of McArthur, was notified of the sad occurrence, came to Hamden at once, and after taking in the situation and viewing the body, which had been removed to the home of County Clerk, L. W. Calvin, near by, sent for Undertaker Gaskill, who prepared and removed the body to the son's home in McArthur, the same afternoon. Deceased was about 60 years of age and is survived by three grown sons, two of whom reside in Jackson county, his wife having died about a year ago. He was a member of the Latter Day Saints Church. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at McArthur."


Robert Ervin

Robert 'Hall' Ervin was my greatx2 grandfather and R.A. ( Robert Alexander) my great grandfather. I believe that Robert 'Hall' as you call him was Robert Houston, named after his mother's maiden name, unless you know something I don't.

I'm not sure what my source

I'm not sure what my source was for the middle name "Hall" so I will take your word for it being incorrect. What is your source for it being "Houston"?

Robert 'Hall' Ervin

You'll notice from the way my statement is worded that I am not sure of his name either. I know that R.A. was Robert Alexander. My g- grandfather would simply not respond to 'Bob'. Nor did he care what other people thought ab0ut anything. My great-aunt gave my father a written list of ancestors and said Robert H. was my gx2 grandfather. Nobody knows what the 'H' is for. I'm just looking for some family relation with a name starting with 'H'. Robert H's mother was Eleanor Houston before she married his father, so I call him Robert Houston. Just as his father was named for his maternal grandfather, Alexander Brandon and he named his first son after his maternal grandfather, James Leamon. It's the best guess I can make.


Here's the Death Certificate

I guesss it's been a while since I've looked at this family but I thought the father should have been Robert or Alexander Brandon Ervin? Eli? Elias? I'll need to go back and check.



I have this death certificate as well and I always took his father's name to be 'Alex' as shown there. I also have the census and I know that Alexander Brandon was his father and Eleanor Huston to be his mother.


We all "know" who his supposed father is, but

All of us who have followed this family have the census too. And we all "know" who his supposed father is, but if you look at the other capital "E"s on the certificate it's clear it is not an "A".

Robert H. Ervin

I have other examples of handwriting from my g-grandfather, R.A. including letters and I must say that his writing was bad at best. Besides, he had just lost his father who lay dead before him as he wrote this certificate. Beyond that, we have several other pieces of evidence that show that Alexander was his father including the census, Robert Sr.'s will, etc. The weight or preponderence of evidence leaves little doubt who his father was. Besides, like everything else, we do not get clear facts from a distance of at least a century anyway. Each piece of evidence has to be weighed according to its source and context.


Not contesting!

Dennis William,

I agree there is a mountain of evidence from plenty of other sources that proves who Robert's father is...Alexander. Regardless of this, the letter "E" above is not an "A". That's all.

This same thing happened to my line with one of Owen's daughters, Sara Ervin Siens. Just take a look at her death certificate. It says one thing, but we all know that it's wrong. But why does it read one thing, when we all have substantial proof to the contrary?

I think if we start asking how this could have happened or why it happened, we might learn something significant. Not always, but sometimes. Just maybe these oddities that we find are clues that we should look into. You never know, these little things just might prove that your family line and my family line are related...through an adoption or some other non-parental event, since DNA has already proved that a genetic relationship doesn't exist.

Penmanship counts!!

Don't you wish these people could write? Or spell for that matter.

Love the new page, BTW

Your distant cousin, Dennis


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