Robert Erwin born 6/22/1804

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erwin mcv
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My ancestry traces as follows:

My Father was Virgil Lyle Erwin b 6/13/1916, d 1/13/1992, m Helen Ilene Spurgeon 3/5/1940, b 2/19/1917, d 6/27/2001.  Virgil Lyle was born in Schuyler Co, MO and Helen was born in Bonaparte, Van Buren Co, IA and moved to Adair County MO in 1932.  Both of them died in Adair Co, MO.

Grandfather, Virgil Owen Erwin, b 1884, d 1973, m Bertha Mae Clarkson 1912, b 1881, d 1963 (Virgil spent 14 years in Oregon (left at age 14)  He remained in Oregon from about 1898 to 1912 when he returned to Missouri)  Virgil and Bertha wee both born in Schuyler Co, Mo and died in Adair Co Mo.

G Grandfather, Andrew A Erwin, b 9/29/1861, d 7/24/1835, m Mintie Byrn b 2/1866, d 10/6/1934.  Andrew moved with his parents to from Ohio to Schuyler Co, Mo in 1866.  Mintie was born in Schuyler Co., both Andrew A and Mintie  died in Schuyler Co, MO.  Both are buried in the Wilmathville Cemetery.  I haven't had a chance to check the marker.

GG Grandfather Andrew Erwin b 1825, d?, m Lititia Jane Foster, b? d 1888, they moved from Scioto Co Ohio to Schuyler County Missouri in 1866).  They are both are burried in the Coffey Cemetery in Schuyler County although no marker exists for Andrew.

GGG Grandfather Robert Erwin b 6/33/1804, d 9/17/1843, m Elizabeth Wallace about 11/2/1825, b 6/15/1804, d 1/24/1889.  I have no information prior to Robert Erwin.  Does anyone have information as to who his parents were?  I know he lived in Scioto Co, Ohio, but was born in Pennsylvania.  Information I have found on other internet sites state that he and two brothers moved to Ohio in the 1820's.  If anyone has information to share about Robert Erwin b 6/22/1804, I would be very grateful.

I am very new to this researching business, so there is lots I don't know.  I thank you for any advice, etc.

Joyce Erwin McVay

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Robert Erwin

Hi Joyce,

I read your post and noticed the name of Andrew and Letitia Foster Erwin.  I have done some research on the family of Francis Erwin of Gallia Co OH and recognized Andrew as being part of this family.  I have no verification for this claim.

But it may be interesting to explore.  Do you have documentation that Andrew that married Letitia was the son of Robert?

Laten Ervin Bechtel

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Andrew A. Erwin's siblings


I'm not sure if you have learned this information since you first joined, but I was able to find two other siblings to your Andrew Erwin (b-1825) and have posted their Death Certificates here and here for you.

Also, Judy Erwin Cornick also descends from this line through Robert and Elizabeth's son Robert Jr.  She can be contacted at  Have you been in contact with her in the past?

We have aksed her about DNA testing for one of her brothers, but they didn't take us up on the offer.  I know you mentioned in the past that you might be interested in DNA testing.  Have you reconsidered this at all? 

Amy Ervin-Smithson

erwin mcv
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I have now discovered that the ancestry to my strain of Erwin goes back to Francis Erwin of Gallia County Ohio.  I no longer beleive that we are related to Robert Erwin born in 1804.  At this point, I have traced our ancestry back many generations, and if I am correct, we feel no need to participate in the DNA  study.  We are all on limited incomes and the cost is prohibitive simply to prove or disprove what I already beleive to be our ancestry.

Thank you!


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