Rigdon Ervin(Irvine) from South Carolina

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In response to a recent inquiry wanting information concerning Rigdon Ervin's parents:

When I perform a quick search I find Rigdon's family in the following places:

1820 Kershaw County, South Carolina (listed as Rigdon Ervin)
1830 Kershaw County, South Carolina (listed as Rigdine Irvine)
1840 Monroe County, Mississippi (listed as Reyden Irvine and living next to his son William Irvine)
1850 Monroe County, Mississippi (listed as Rigdon Ervin)

According to various records on the web Rigdon died abt 1858 in Monroe County, MS.

Other records show at least one known brother to have been Dempsey Ervin. Dempsey appears to have moved with his brother to MS.

My quick research does not show who Rigdon's parents are, but interestingly both Rigdon and Dempsey apparently had sons named William. This may suggest that their father's name was William. But of course, this is not proof of any kind.

It also appears that Rigdon and Dempsey married sisters from the Lowry/Lowrey family.

There is a website dedicated to this specific family on the web: http://www.rigdonirvin.com

Other resources including queries involving this family can be readily found here:



I also found Rigdon's MS land patent, which is attached to this message.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but I hope some portion of this message helps you in your search.

rigdon_landpatent.pdf138.11 KB

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