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1840 Benton County, Montgomery Twp. Missouri Census

James Erwin (b bet 20-29 yrs old) 1811-1820
Male ( under 5) 1835-1840
Eldest Female (b bet 15-19 yrs old) 1821-1825

1850 Benton County, Lindsey Twp, Missouri Census

James Erwin, 33, Male, Blacksmith, VA (1817)
Mary J Erwin, 31, Female, VA (1819)
U J Erwin, 12, Female, MO (1838)
Charles Erwin, 10, Male, MO (1840)
Thomas Erwin, 7, Male, MO (1843)
George Erwin, 4, Male, MO (1846)
J G Erwin, 2 mos., Male, MO (1850)

1860 Benton County, Twp 39, Range 23, Missouri Census

James Erwin, 45, Male, Master Blacksmith, VA (1815)
Ura, 20, Female, Domestic, MO (1840)
Charles, 18, Male, Blacksmith, MO (1842)
Thomas, 15, Male, Laborer, MO (1845)
George, 12, Male, MO (1848)

NOTES: Family shows an extracted marriage record for Eura J. Erwin m. George McAdams Mar 24, 1864, Henry Co., Missouri.

Searched the Online Death Records Database for the State of Missouri and found no records for a Eura McAdams or a Eura Adams.

1870 Cooper County, Boonville, Missouri Census

Thos. Irwin, 24, Male, Farmer, MO (1846)
Lavina, 24, Female, Keeping House, Indiana (1846)
James, 5 mos., Male, MO (1865)
Wm. M. Adams, 75, Male, Farmer, KY (1795)
Elizabeth Adams, 63, Female, KY (1807)

living next to:

George Adams, 31, Male, Farmer, MO (1839)
Eura J., 29, Female, Keeping House, MO (1841)
Charles, 5, Male, MO (1865)
Mary E., 2, Female, MO (1868)
Frank, 8, Male, MO (1862)

NOTES: Family shows an extracted marriage record for Thomas B. Erwin m. Levina E. Butler Jan 21, 1869 in Benton Co., Missouri.

I also believe that the George listed in this census is an Adams and not George Erwin, Thomas's brother due to George's age. George Erwin would have been about 22 in 1870, not 31.

1880 Benton County, Union Twp, District 187, Missouri Census

Thomas B. Erwin, 36, Male, Head, Farming, MO VA VA (1844)
Lavina E., 34, Female, Wife, Keeping House, MO MO IN (1846)
James G., 10, Male, Son, Works on Farm, MO MO IN (1870)
George C., 9, Male, Son, MO MO IN (1871)
Mary E., 7, Female, Daughter, MO MO IN (1873)
William, 5, Male, Son, MO MO IN (1875)
Besse C., 3, Female, Daughter, MO MO IN (1877)

1880 Cooper County, Boonville Twp., District 136, Missouri Census

Geo W. Adams, 40, Male, Head, Farmer, MO KY KY (1840)
E.J., 38, Female, Wife, Keeping House, MO VA VA (1842)
Charles, 15, Male, Son, Works on farm, MO MO MO (1865)
Mary E., 12, Female, Daughter, MO MO MO (1868)
Henty or Kenty (maybe Henry), 7, Male, Son, MO MO MO (1873)
Belle? Crockett, 18, Female, Black, Servant, Housework, MO MO MO (1862)

Another possibility for James in the 1840? Family listed close to a McCown family in nearby Rives county.

Ages are off a bit. Maybe a relative...this young female may be Eura J.??

Rives County becomes Henry County in 1841. County progression as follows:

Miscellaneous Death Records

Elizabeth Adams of Boonsville Twp. age 74, Female, White, Widowed, Born KY, Father b-KY, Mother b-KY, Sept 1879. Cause-Accidentally Burned.

Erna J. Adams, Mar 21 1887, aged 48 years, Married, Cause of Death Typhoid Pneumonia, Length of Disease: 10 Days, Place of Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery in Boonville. Burial: Mar 23 1887.

From the 1883 History of Howard and Cooper Counties

GEORGE W. ADAMS, farmer. One of the most substantial and successful farmers of Cooper county is Mr. George W.
Adams. His grandfather, John Adams, was a native of Virginia, but settled in Kentucky in the latter part of the last century.
There he lived a number of years and reared his family; and there his son, William M., the father of George Adams, was
born in Garrard county in December, 1795. In 1816 the family, including William M., then a young man nearly twenty-one
years of age, came to Missouri and settled in Howard county, on the opposite side of the Missouri river from where
George Adams now lives. In youth, William Adams acquired an excellent education, and was afterwards noted among his
neighbors as a man of superior mental culture. In 1826 be was married to Miss Elizabeth Palmetory, originally of
Kentucky, and the same year lie and his wife settled on the place in Cooper, where their son, George, still resides, and
where they both lived until their death ; he September 28, 1872, and she September 14, 1878. They had five children,
George being the youngest. He was born December 21, 1837, and grew up on the family homestead. He attended the
ordinary schools, but his father also took a deep interest in his education, and gave him constant private instruction. When
about twenty years old he commenced teaching school himself, which he kept up during the winter season for nearly
twenty years, or until 1879. Although giving a part of every year to school teaching, he is an active and successful farmer,
and has made a regular business of dealing in stock. His farm numbers 400 acres of good land. He was married March
28, 1864, to Miss Emma Erwin. They have three children - Charles, Emma and Henry.

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