Perry-McManis Family of Vinton County

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Excerpt from Vinton County, Ohio History and Families from Turner Publishing

James Otto Perry, son of William and Gertrude Kirkendall Perry, married Essie Innis McManis, daughter of James and Mary Jane Ervin McManis.  James was born 26 Dec 1899 and died 13 Apr 1979.  Essie was born 23 Aug 1902.

James Otto and Essie Innis McManis Perry are the parents of eleven children: Mary Jane (born 3 Jul 1924, died 24 Sept 1925), Gilbert Stanley (born 9 Aug 1925, died 21 Jul 1973), Evelyn (born 6 Oct 1926), Wesley Gordon (born 26 Jan 1931, died 16 Mar 1988), Gerald Franklin (born 21 Oct 1935), James Otto Jr. (born 25 Aug 1937), Shirley Lucille (born 18 Mar 19__), Glenna Sue (born 21 Aug 1945, died 7 Feb 1946), Violet Gertrude (born 21 Jul 1938, died 22 Sep 1938), Dorothy Louise (born 24 Apr 1941), and Lowell Victor (born 23 Aug 1943).

Evelyn Perry married Melvin William Welch on 15 Jan 1947.  Wesley Gordon Perry married Lelia Mary Welch on 31 Dec 1954.  Melvin William and Lelia Mary are brother and sister as are Evelyn and Wesley Gordon.

Melvin William and Evelyn Perry Welch are the parents of one daughter Janice Arlene.  Janice Arlene Welch married John Robert Stewart.

John Robert and Janice Arlene Welch Stewart are the parents of four children: Anthony "Andy" Vincent, Letitia Darlene, Joshua Robert, and adopted daughter Betsy Ann.  Submitted by Anthony Vincent Stewart.

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