Mystery ERVIN Men

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Mystery ERVIN Men

Image courtesy of Anita Ervin


The 'Mystery Ervin's'

This image was originally presented to Thomas N. Ervin as a tintype. Thomas was acquainted with a woman who lived in a house that was at one time Owen Ervin's barn. The 'upstairs' contents of the barn were complete and dated from Owen's time. Thomas was able, after long, long discussion, able to secure this tintype depicting these Ervin's who remain nameless. The occupant of the house was loath to even let Thomas in, and would not allow him upstairs or to explore at all.

Unfortunately, Thomas is no longer with us and this link is lost. Nevertheless, this image appears to be part of a larger 'shoot' done by a professional photographer, such as they were in those days. There are images of Owen sitting with a large reflector which did little to enhance his image.

Any speculation about the identity of these men is idle. It is known that the man in the center of the back row,standing is Vinton Ervin, son of Owen and brother of Milton. Owen did not have this many sons. Note the round face on the sitting boy. The man holding his hat the way he is could only be his father. Most of these men have Ervin characteristics like a big nose, skinny forearms and long hands, which I have myself. The two thick-bodied guys sitting on the right side of the picture are German or Eastern European. The rest are Ervin's with the man on the left as the oldest

As I say, speculation is idle.

Yes, Thomas is my cousin.

Yes, Thomas is my cousin. He is buried in Shawnee Cemetery in Perry County. I've heard many times about the story of the woman who owned the barn and wouldn't let them in. It's kind of funny to hear it again! :)

My gg-uncle James Russell Ervin, son of Maurice Alfred, son of Vinton has this same picture. But James is now in his late 80s and as much as his memory has held up, he says he doesn't know who any of these men are. He has a picture of himself with his grandmother Josephine McCarty-Ervin (Vinton's wife) and remembers her very well, so one would think he'd remember his grandfather too.

I'm not sure the man in the middle is Vinton. We have a rather large picture of him and it doesn't look like him. If anyone in the picture is Vinton, my best guess is that it's either the man standing on the right or the one sitting on the right.

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