Mississippi Ervins from South Carolina

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Hello... my name is Toni Ervin Worrell and I am a genealogist. At this time, I am Collaborating with 3 different people - trying to help get information out there... After battling and defeating Cancer, I have finally restarted my effort. I have a copy of the "Ervin Family Of Mississippi Lines E-56 and E-57 and Related Data" by Clara Ervin. I am using my copy as the basic structure and outline, but correcting and updating information and families. I am using FTM and posting this info on Ancestry. I hope to add much to this web site and I am so happy to be a part of your group. Please ask me any questions - send me any corrections.

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Hi Toni! Welcome to the

Hi Toni! Welcome to the group!

I don't think we've had many submissions from Ervin families in Mississippi, but we certainly welcome any information you want to add.

If you run into any problems adding anything, please let me know. I look forward to seeing what you have!

Amy :)

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