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Morton's History of Preston County

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Morton's History of Preston County:

Joseph S. Matlick (1782-1864) married Sarah Ervin in 1803.

1798 Petition to Form New County

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1798 Petition to Form New County (from Monongalia)

James Ervine
the Brandons
James Lemons
Joseph and David Wolsamot (the Wolgamotts)
Robert Ervine
John Kelley
et al.

Letter from Thomas Ervin to J Willis Ervin 1987

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The following letter was sent from Thomas Ervin of San Antonio, TX to J Willis Ervin who at the time resided in Evergreen, CO. Dated October 27, 1987:

I'm sorry to be so late answering your letter of June 7, 1987, my wife Frances and I were in Oregon when your letter arrived in San Antonio and for some weeks thereafter. After that I spent some time in Ohio. Your letter was held at the post office in San Antonio until my return.

I am grateful for your information on your branch of the family and will try to give you some information herein on my branch.

The Family Crest

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King Malcolm II of Scotland had three daughters and no sons. His eldest daughter, Bethoc, was married to the Senescal of Kings Rents, the Athbane of Dule, Duncan Erivine. Their son, also named Duncan, was named King on the death of Malcolm II, his grandfather in 1004A.D. Within a few years, the son of Malcolm's second daughter and Duncan's first cousin named McBeth (yes, that McBeth) killed Duncan and assumed the throne. Duncan's three sons, including Malcolm his eldest, fled to the north of England and lived with Lord McDuff.

A transcript of an interview with John Franklin Ervin (Rich's grandfather) which includes the legend of the raft.

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I copied this document from Bob (of Jackson, Ohio) Ervin's files. I can't remember now who made the original recording--who the interviewer was, that is. Perhaps it was Bob himself. Would someone who knows how to reach him, please clarify this for us. I thought is was a fascinating story. - Kathie Christensen

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