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News Article about the Ervin family that started Appanoose County Ambulance Service

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Emergency medical services has come a long way since one local family was the only owner and operator of an ambulance service in Appanoose County.

Following the Daily Iowegian's week-long salute to EMS, Max Ervin, 68, of Centerville, came forward to explain how his family helped to bring emergency medical and ambulance service to Appanoose County.

The Fateful Voyage of the George and Anne

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Whether you think that the Irvine's aboard the 'George and Anne' are our people or not, it is a horrific story nevertheless and well worth your time in reading. Bear in mind that this ship was only 90 tons while the replica of the 'Santa Maria' docked next to the city hall here in Columbus is 100 tons. This was a tiny ship into which were crammed 250 people including the passengers and crew. The ship was chartered by Ephriam McDowell who was not only kinsmen to the Irvines, he was their brother-in-law and business partner in the linen mills at Gleno. A good read and food for thought.

The Guernsey Co. Connection

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Will of John Sitlington, grandfather of Jane and James Erwin

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From: http://www.lamont-young.com/lamont/getperson.php?personID=I02401&tree=Lamont

Will of John Sitlington "of the Cowpasture":
To only surviving son Robert my Negro Fellow (Lish), my best coat,
jacket, britches and big "byble".
To dutiful daughter Jane Crawford, £20. To daughter Jennet Slone,
To daughter Elizabeth Kelso "my home plantation with all its
buildings, orchards and improvements of every kind", £20, and Negro
wench Vilet.
To daughters Mary Young and Ann Baty, £20 each.
Any balance equally to daughters.

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