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I just ran across this marriage record for Samuel Ervin and a Mrs. Obedience Thomas in Salem, Meigs, Ohio on 13 July 1833. I think this must be Samuel Ervin Sr., as Samuel Ervin Jr had just married Nancy Pewthers on 27 June 1833 in Athens county and is still married to her in the 1850 census. The Samuel Irwin that lived in Scipio, Meigs, Ohio was married to Ruth Douglas on 16 Apr 1829 and is still married to her in the 1850 census. Is it possible that Mrs. Obedience Thomas was the "Jane" we see living with Samuel Sr. in the 1850 census? If so, she would not be Owen's mother.

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Hi Kathie,Wow - I'm pretty

Hi Kathie,

Wow - I'm pretty sure I do not have a record of this particular marriage. But, I'm not sure what to think of it quite yet. We have a death record in 1879 for a Jane Ervin of Clinton Twp., Vinton County. In this record it states that Jane is a widow; Samuel died in 1864, so it fits Samuel's Jane. If you remember Jane was last living with her daughter Sarah in Clinton Twp., Vinton County, at least according to the 1870 census.

Another initial thought is that while we know Samuel had roots in Meigs County, in 1830 he was in Hocking County and in 1840 he was in Athens County. That's not to say he couldn't have traveled back to Meigs to get married, just something to keep in mind.

Anyway, this is a great find and definitely warrants more research to try and find out who this Obedience Thomas is, where she came from (KY?) and if this Samuel Ervin is the correct one.

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Jane her middle name?

If my name were Obedience Jane, I might go by Jane. But I have looked for marriages of any Obedience or Jane to any Mr. Thomas and haven't found one as yet. I just can't see any other Samuel Ervin/Erwin/Irvin/Irwin around at the time though, other than our Sam Sr.

I mostly agree with you. I

I mostly agree with you. I spent the majority of my day yesterday looking through old records, reviewing all of our known Samuels and their wives.

The only thing that I still get hung up on is the fact that beginning with the 1820 census - before that marriage took place - up until Samuel and Jane move in with their children in 1860, there was a female in his household that has always matched Jane's birth date and/or the span between Samuel and Jane's age. Assuming this is the same woman, it would indicate that there was a marriage before 1820 and that it lasted until their separation into their children's homes. If this is the case, then she could be Owen's mother.

Samuel Erwin - Clinton, Jackson County, Ohio - 9 Total living in household. Oldest male 45 years+ (b bet 1720-1775). Oldest Female 16-26 (b bet 1795-1804). Samuel Sr.

Samuel Irvin - Scipio, Meigs County, Ohio - 2 Total living in household. 1 Male 20-29 (b bet 1800-1810) and 1 Female 15-19 (b bet 1810-1815) Samuel and Ruth Douglas (m. 4.16.1829)

Samuel Irvin - Salt Creek, Hocking County, Ohio - 12 total living in household. Oldest Male 50-59 (b bet 1770-1780) years and Oldest Female 30-40 years (b bet 1790-1800). Samuel Sr.

Samuel Ervin - Vinton, Athens County, Ohio - 2 total in household. 1 Male 20-30 (b bet 1800-1810) and 1 Female 20-30 (b bet 1800-1810). Samuel Jr. with Nancy Pewters (m. 6.27.1833)

Samuel Ervin - Clinton, Jackson County, Ohio - 5 total living in household. 1 Male 30-40 (b bet 1801-1810) and Oldest female 20-30 (b bet 1811-1820). Samuel and Nancy Pewters (m. 6.27.1833)

Samuel Erwin - Scipio, Meigs County, Ohio - 8 total living in household. Oldest Male 30-40 (b bet 1801-1810) and Oldest Female 20-30 (b bet 1811-1820). Samuel and Ruth Douglas (m. 4.16.1829)

Samuel Irvin - Vinton, Athens County, Ohio - 10 living in household. Oldest Male 50-60 (b bet 1781-1790) and Oldest Female 40-50 (b bet 1791-1800). Samuel Sr.

Samuel Ervin - Vinton, Vinton County, Ohio - Samuel 73 (b abt 1777 MD) Jane 54 (b abt 1796) with Daniel, Margaret, John Edridge, Sarah Ervin, William Pierce, William Machan. Samuel Sr.

Samuel Irvin - Porter, Scioto County, Ohio - Samuel 60 (b abt 1790 VA) Jane 53 (b abt 1797 VA) with Sarah, Jacob, Isaac, Daniel, Margaret, John, William H, Jenny. Enumerated twice. Why were they there?

Samuel Ervin - Clinton, Vinton County, Ohio - Samuel 46 (b abt 1804 PA) Nancy 37 (b abt 1813) with Arvilla, Samantha, James, Margaret. Samuel and Nancy Pewters (m. 6.27.1833)

Samuel D. Ervin - Clinton, Vinton County, Ohio - Samuel 32 (b abt 1818 OH) Nancy 24 (b abt 1826) with Nathaniel, Anaretta, John, Sarah. Samuel and Nancy Bailey (m. 2.7.1841)

Samuel Irwin - Bloom, Scioto County, Ohio - Samuel 22 (b abt 1828 OH) Nancy Irwin 22 (b abt 1828 OH) with Samuel Wallace. Who is this?

Samuel Irwin - Scipio, Meigs County, Ohio - Samuel 45 (1805 PA) Ruth 38 (1812 OH) with Asbury, Eleanor, Lafayette, Miram, Mary, David, Marion. Samuel and Ruth Douglas (m. 4.16.1829) Ruth died in 1888.

Samuel Irwin "Who is this?"

Amy, the Samuel Irwin, b. 1828 in the 1850 census is this guy:

1-Edward Irwin
+Martha McGatta
|--2-Robert Irwin b. 22 Jun 1805, Westmoreland, PA, d. 18 Sep 1843, Madison Township, Scioto, OH
+Elizabeth Wallace b. 15 Jun 1804, PA, m. 2 Nov 1825, Adams, OH, d. 4 Jan 1889, Madison Township, Scioto, OH
|--3-Julia Ann Irwin b. 30 Apr 1832, Scioto Co., Ohio, d. 17 Feb 1893, Scioto Co., Ohio
| +Isaac Allen b. 16 Dec 1838, Jackson, OH, m. 25 Apr 1860, Scioto Co., Ohio, d. 18 Jan 1895
|--3-Andrew Erwin
|--3-Ellis Erwin
|--3-Samuel W. Erwin b. 21 Sep 1828, Clay, Scioto, OH, d. 12 Jan 1893, Madison Township, Scioto, OH
| +Nancy Stockham b. 1830, m. 5 Nov 1849, Scioto County, OH
| |--4-William Irvin b. 1851, d. 1908, (Madison Township, Scioto, OH)
| |--4-Allen Irwin b. 1856, d. 1933
|--3-Margaret Erwin b. 15 Feb 1831, Clay, Scioto, OH, d. 28 Aug 1918, Madison Township, Scioto, OH
| +John C Dodge b. 1830, m. 12 Dec 1852, d. 20 Oct 1862
|--3-Robert Erwin b. 1833, d. 22 Jul 1908, Harrisonville, Madison, Scioto, Ohio
| +Hulda Rockwell b. 7 May 1837, d. 30 Jun 1923, (Madison Township, Scioto, OH)
|--3-William H. Erwin b. 15 Dec 1836, Scioto County, OH, d. 14 Jan 1922, Harrison, Scioto, OH
| +Maria Stockham b. 7 Apr 1836, m. 31 Dec 1854, Scioto County, OH, d. 30 Aug 1895, (Madison Township, Scioto, OH)
|--3-Elizabeth Erwin b. 24 Dec 1837, Ohio, USA, d. 3 Mar 1916, Portsmouth, Scioto, OH
| +Asa White
|--3-James Erwin b. 26 Jun 1840, Scioto, Scioto, Ohio, USA, d. 22 Oct 1922, Columbus, Franklin, OH
| +Melissa Finney b. 4 Apr 1840, Scioto County, OH, m. 19 Jan 1860, Scioto County, OH, d. 25 Jul 1910, Jefferson,
| Scioto, OH
|--3-Julia Erwin b. 1842, Madison Township, Scioto, OH

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