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James Harlan Ervin

James Harlan Ervin and wife Mary Rogers at their home in Hammond, IN. James is the son of Samuel (1804-1882) and Nancy (Pewthers) Ervin, who is the son of Samuel (1775 - after 1860)


Jim, Where did you get the

Where did you get the name "Caroline" for Samuel Sr's wife?


I don't know where I got that from but until I figure it out again I have removed it from the picture info. Sorry about that and I hope I didn't confuse anyone.

Jim E

did samuel ervin have a

did samuel ervin have a middle name. Are there any pics of samuel jr. He was my 5th great granpa. scrillg123@yahoo.com Glen wayne ervin was my great granpa

Not that any of us knows

Not that any of us knows of.
So, if you are descended from James Harlan and Mary Caroline, is there any chance that you know where/how Caroline died? Her youngest daughter, Maggie's, death certificate says that she (Maggie) was born in Shoal, Martin, Indiana yet James married Mary Elizabeth Rodgers the next year back in Ohio. That has always been a puzzle for me.
And then there's the puzzle of William Sherman's wife, Luella Wood's mother, Mary Jane Winnings. Do you know anything about her?
And, by the way, welcome to Leaves.

James Harlan Irwin and Mary Elizabeth Rogers marriage

IRWIN, James H. RODGERS, Mallie E. 42

Lawrence County Ohio has the marriage of James Harlan Irwin and Mary E Rogers recorded in 1875 in mariage Book 11, page 42.

Mary Jane Winnings was born November 25, 1841 in Hamilton County, OH and died April 29, 1909 in Alvin, IL. She had an Uncle named Vincent that lived with William Sherman and Luella (he was 76 on the 1920 census of Iroquois County, IL and living with the family).

Jim E

Jame H. Ervin and Mary E. Rogers

I have a copy of this same picture. These two were my great grandparents. My grandmother Mabel was the youngest daughter. She was born in 1887 and had a twin brother Johile about whom I do not know anything. I have good memories of my grandmother and I know that my father said that Mary, his grandmother lived with Mabel and Gene Fehr in Hammond, Indiana some years after after James died. He and my Aunt Denise have good memories of Mary also. I have another picture of the two and James had his arm around Mary. He looks quite tall as was my grandmother for that time period. Unfortunately my pictures are in a very fragile state. I was happy to have the two positively identified.

Kathy C. found the twins (Mabel and Johile born 1887) birth certificate in Ohio. We do not know why the Ervins were in Ohio then, as they had been in Illinois. The family came to Hammond, Indiana from Illinois I believe, when James H. Ervin got a job a watchman for the railroad. They had nice home at the time of his death in 1920. My Mother and Dad remembered the James and Mary Ervin home in this picture also. At times Mary had other daughters and grandchildren stay with her until she moved in with Mabel.

James Harlan Ervin in Rossville, IL

I have added another picture to the Image Gallery. It is James Harlan Ervin at home near Rossville, IL. In the picture with him are Jewell Teagarden, Jessie Mabel Ervin, and Mary Rogers Ervin.

Mary Jane Winnings

Jim you may be interested in this email conversation I had last year with Frank Lawler about Mary Jane Winnings:

I just looked at your page on Rootsweb and see that you are working on one of the same families as I am: Thomas Wood and Jane ?

You say that their son Edward was really a Lawler. He is never listed by that name in any of the censuses. When did he start going by it? Also are you certain of the marriage date for Thomas and Jane? If so, then who is Charles' father? Daughter Luella says on her marriage application that her mother's maiden name is Murry. At least that is how it's been extracted. Have you seen Jane's death certificate and does it list her parents? What about the other kids' death or marriage certificates? Do they all consistently say their mother's name was Winnings?
So many questions. I have attached what I have on the family and hope you can help me.

Thanks so much,
Kathie Christensen

Ms. Christensen,

This is a complex subject. Mostly because of Lawler secrecy, I would say. I'll give a brief synopsis, and then you can ask more questions. The Lawlers who could have shed light are long gone. I have put things together with a lot of conjecture.

Thomas Edward Lawler was supposedly born November, 1861, the son of Mary Jane Winans and Edward Lawler. According to Lawler family legend Edward went to the Civil War and never returned. Mary Jane "remarried" Thomas Wood and had a passel more kids. Illegitimacy was a major family shame until very recently.

Mary Jane was supposedly a "daughter" of Benjamin Franklin Winans. However, in the 1860 Indiana census for that family the only Mary Jane is Mary Jane Schmidt, a servant girl from Germany with a son John Schmidt, born November, 1859. I have a copy of the marriage certificate of Thomas Wood and Mary Jane Winan from Hamilton County, Ohio. Mary Jane seems to have reinvented herself, in my opinion. I do not have a birth certificate for her.

In about 1881 Thomas Edward Lawler and two of the Winans brothers headed for the Dakotas and Montana. Thomas Edward stayed in North Dakota and the Winans landed in the Bitterroot Valley, if I am not mistaken (which is certainly possible). I agree that he is not listed in any census by that name prior to that time. He was quite independent and headstrong and I would surmise that he had a falling out at about age 20 with Mr. Wood, prompting his departure and name change. He was generally known as Ed Wood and would have been about 5 years of age at the time of his mother's marriage to Mr. Wood. I have been in correspondence with a Lawler line in Illinois and the physical and psychological characteristics seem promising. I have not definitively identified his biological father, but likley would have to resort to DNA. My own father postulated that Edward Lawler was a nearby hired man who had a fling with the Winans servant girl.

The Winans name has been spelled various ways, including Winan, Winning, Winnings.

I have applied a liberal dose of conjecture with the Lawler family legends and the available census and marriage data. Nevertheless, I would love to have any credible information.

Sorry I cannot be more definitive, but this is where I am in the research at this time.

It was great to hear from you and I look forward to further correspondence. Thank you for the family record sheets.

Frank Lawler

Mary Jane Winnings

The following is an email conversation that I had with Irene Pettice, great-grandaughter of Mary Jane with some more info about the marriage to Ed Lawler.

Hi: My name is Irene Pettice. I received your message on Ancestry.Com with reference to my great grandmother, Mary Jane Winnings. I do not have a great deal of information about her either as I have not worked on that line. At the moment I am wrapping up what I can on the Wood line as far as sourcing all of my information. Grandpa said she had three brothers, all of whom were supposed to have been in the Civil War. She is buried by Vincent Winnings at Bethel Cemetery. I will attach a copy of his tombstone here. Mary Jane was previously married to Edward Lawler and had a son Thomas Edward Lawler who was raised by Thomas Wood. Thomas and Mary Jane had 10 children, not counting Edward. They were Anne, Charles, Robert, George, Mary Jane, Nettie, Harry, Luella, Jesse, and George Albert. George was born in 68 and died in 73, so my grandfather was named George Albert. He was born in 1882 and died in 1963, not 1900. A copy of his tombstone is attached. I would be pleased to share tree information with you. The information I have beyond Thomas came from the internet and shows the father of Thomas was Joseph Wood born 1776-?? wife Hannah Scholfield 1772-?? and Joseph's father was John born abt 1727 Pollington, Snaith, Yorkshire died 1 Nov 1767 wife Mary Blenkin born no date at Sykehouse, Yorkshire. These do not seem to be the same dates that you have.

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