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Email from Mandi Ervin

I'm not exactly sure if we are from the same Ervins but my dads grandfather came from the Kentucky area.My dad doesn't remember his grandfathers first name but he remembers his dads uncle who was named Bob Ervin.

Ervin families - Meigs Co. OH

My GGgrandfather was John Ervin, born Apr 1804/5 in Pendleton Co. KY. He may be the son of Samuel amd Unknown or Jane. Any Iinfo. Searching for straws.


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Another email from Roy

Another email from Roy Ervin

I am trying to trace the connection between Samuel Ervin, born PA/MD/VA, or elsewhere, with John Ervin. b Apr 1804/05, pendleton Co. KY.

Assuming this is the connectionm Samuel must have been married more than once, to Unknown and Whomever and Jane, moved to Gallia Co. now Meigs Co. The history says he built two, maybe three cabins in the Pomeroy area. nover kept them, sold improvements to others.

Assuming he was restless and footloose, he would build a cabin, then return to KY. Moved later to Salisbury Twp. in Meigs.

Was my gg-grandfather, john, the lad who complained about living in a cave, the sandstone cliffs around Pomeroy would afford overhangs [caves], during the flooding of the area. the Ohio R. always floods.

Grandpa John had at least three wives, Nancy Saxton, Rachel Tucker, Elizabeth Will and Caroline Smith. He lived in the Chester area.

My grandmother spelled the name as Saxon in her Bible. The Tuckers and the Irvines lived together in th Shenandoah area of Va. for several generations. Elizabeth Will was Michael Will's daughter. The family still live in the flatwoods or Five Points area of Meigs co. Elizabeth's mother was a roush/Rausch for Virginia. [Germany]

John was married to both Rachel tucker and Elizabeth Will by Randell Stivers, J. P. in Meigs Co.

My g-grandfather, John Wesley, was Rachel's son. He was a Civil War veteran. {I, my son and grndson are members of the Brooks-? Camp, Sons of Civil War Veterans, at Middleport, OH]

My descendents are, on down are
gramdpa Lewis Sylvester
dad, Lewis Raymond
me. Roy Eugene
son, Roy Edwin
g-son, Zachary robert

Now for the other side
GG-grandpa - john with wife elizabeth Wills
John Edgar or just Edgar [Court of Common Pleas Judge, Meiogs Co. OH]
Thomas Edgar - Also lawyer and Corporate head [Judge Advocate at Nuremburg trials]
William Edgar -

I am trying to trace our line thru the Irvine lineage. This works well but there is a generational gap between the Irvines,Irvins,Erwins, Ervins of Ireland, Pa., Va. and Ohio.

Is the Samuel Ervin that ended his days in Vinton County, OH the right one. John, Owen and Thomas were all orn in KY,?Pendleton Co.

Just Wondering


Roy E. Ervin

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