Info on the third wife of Samuel Jr.

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I have uncovered some info on the third wife of Samuel Jr. and will post it here:

Third wife, Margaret, is listed in the Jackson county marriage records as Margaret Bradley. Samuel and Margaret apparently had two children, Ida and William, according to the 1870 Washington Jackson Ohio census. They also have a 12 yr old daughter, Mary living with them, who is two old to be Samuel's. I found Mary's (married name Rutter), death certificate and it list's her father as "Ire E. Bradley", which explains Margaret's name as it appears on the marriage certificate. It also lists her mother as "Margaret Phillipps." I then found Samuel and Margaret's son, William "Frank"'s, death certificate. It list's his parents as Samuel Ervin and Margaret E. Phelps. I'm going with Phillips, as I can find no Phelps families in the Jackson-Vinton area. Margaret is living with son Frank in Concord, Fayette, Ohio in the 1900 census and that is the last we see of her. I need to check death records in that county and see if I can get a death date for her.

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