George Ervin m. Eve Whetsel, Jackson County Ohio

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Source (extracted record from Jackson County) George Ervin m. Eve Whetsel March 3, 1839 in Jackson County, Ohio.

1850 Gallia County, Huntington Twp. Ohio

George Ervin, 42, (b-1808), M, Farmer, OH
Eva Ervin, 33, (b-1817), F, PA
Minerva Ervin, 14, (b-1836), F, OH
Anna Ervin, 11, (b-1839), F, OH
Maranda Ervin, 8, (b-1842), F, OH
Lucinda Ervin, 6, (b-1844), F, OH
Matilda Ervin, 5, (b-1845), F, OH
Catharine Ervin, 4 (b-1846), F, OH
Martha Ervin, 2, (b-1848), F, OH

appearing in a different structure on the same property=
Clarissa Ervin, 19, (b-1831), F, OH
Cynthia Ervin, 18, (b-1832), F, OH

1860 Gallia County, Huntington Twp.:

George Ervin, 51, (b-1809), M, Farmer, OH
Evay, 48, (b-1812), F, OH
Anna, 20, (b-1840), F, Domestic, OH
Lucinda, 15, (b-1845), F, OH
Matilda, 14, (b-1846), F, OH
Catherine, 12, (b-1848), F, OH
Martha, 11, (b-1849), F, OH
Elizabeth, 3, (b-1857), F, OH

1870 Ross County, Franklin Twp.:

George Irvin, 63, (b-1807), M, Farm Hand, OH
Eva, 61, (b-1809), F, Housekeeping, OH
Elizabeth, 13, (b-1857), F, OH

Can't find them in Ross County in 1880. Does anyone know where they are if they are still living at this time?

Amy Ervin-Smithson

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Who are Eva Whetsel's parents?

Since George Ervin and Eva married in 1839 in Jackson County, I begin researching there to find other Whetsel/Wetsel/Wetzel/Whitesell families that may be related. There I do find a family that very well could be those of Eva Whetsel.

In 1820 Jackson County, Milton Twp. I find a listing for a John Whitsell:

(1720-1775) = 1 (John)
(1811-1820) = 3 (all under the age of 10)

(1805-1810) = 3 (all under the age of 16)

Note 1 - It is believed that the children listed here are all from a previous marriage, because John wasn't married to Mercy BRALEY until Dec 29, 1825.

Then in 1830, Jackson County, Milton Twp. I find a listing for Mercy Whetsel, John is not listed so we assume he died prior to 1830.

(1811-1815) = 1 (Maybe Jacob?)
(1816-1820) = 1 (Maybe Daniel?)

(1801-1810) = 1 (Maybe Eva?)
(1761-1770) = 1 (Mercy)

In 1840, Jackson County, Milton Twp. we see a Jacob Whetsell and a Daniel Whetsell come into view and this is also the first time that George Ervin is seen, but he is in nearby Clinton Twp.

Note 2 - lists extracted marriage records for all three children:

Jacob Whetsel m. Verlinda Mattux, Jun 26, 1834 in Jackson County
Daniel Whetsel m. Polly Buck, Apr. 28, 1840 in Jackson County
Eva Whetsel m. George Ervin, Mar 3, 1839 in Jackson County.

Mercy is not found in Jackson County anymore. Instead we find her in Meigs County, Rutland Twp. living alone.

Note 3 - There are some records, though unverified, that suggest that a Catharine Whetsel was one of John's children. She married a Layton Palmer, and in the 1840 Jackson County census you can find Jacob Whetsell and Layton Palmer living right next to each other, so it lends a lot of credibility to it. I've seen some family trees with a Catharine UNKNOWN as the first wife to John, but again, I didn't follow through with it as they were supposedly married in PA if I remember correctly.

Answers, Corrections, and Additional Theories welcome!

Amy Ervin-Smithson
Descendant of Owen Ervin through his son Vinton.

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George Ervin and Eva Whetsel Ervin

George died in Ross Co,. OH in January of 1876
Eva died in Ross Co., OH in Nov of 1876. I have no idea where they are buried. I found these dates at the Ross Co. Archives in the old jail on Main St. They are my 3rd great grandparents.
My line from them is George and Eva
Miranda Ervin and Frederick Oiler
Mary Oiler and John Lowe
Bessie Lowe and Herbert Lancaster
Delvin Lancaster and Joan Pollitt
Me ~~~~Lisa Lancaster McComis

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Lisa, It's great to see you


It's great to see you here and thanks so much for the info on George and Eva. How strange that the records you found would only list the month of death and not the day. Usually one finds either just the year or the entire date. Have you tried looking in the local paper for a death announcement or at the courthouse for a probate record for either of them?

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Hey,I am sorry I was typing


I am sorry I was typing in a hurry, the correct dates of death for George is January 8, 1876 and Eva is Nov 2, 1876. I couldn't find anything in th newspapers pertaining to an obit, I can't find it now, but I do have something pertaining to the estate sale for one of them. Not sure where it is at the moment. I have several notebooks and folders in totes and file cabinets. Just a small

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Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting

Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting these dates. I don't suppose you've ever found a will pertaining to George?

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