We are currently seeking donations to support our next DNA study participant. The 37-marker DNA Tests cost $153 to be included in the Clan Irwin DNA Project. We welcome any donation, no matter how small to help us reach this goal. is proud to have sponsored testing for the following individuals:

  • Frederick Maurice Ervin
  • John Willis Ervin
  • Thomas Edward Ervin
  • Roy Eugene Ervin
  • Steve Robert Erwin
  • Charles Lloyd Erwin
  • Paul Curtis Erwin

  • The following members have graciously contributed to this ongoing project:

    NameAmountDatesort icon
    Laten Bechtel$ 200.009 years ago
    Laten Bechtel$ 50.0010 years ago
    Roy & Doris Ervin$ 191.0010 years ago
    Susan Dew$ 25.0010 years ago
    Amy Ervin-Smithson $ 20.0010 years ago
    Kathie$ 60.0010 years ago
    Kathie$ 130.0010 years ago

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