DNA Tests Link Francis Erwin (b-1795 VA) of Gallia County to Robert and Alexander Brandon Ervin Family of Jackson County?

First, a BIG Thank You goes out to Susan Dew and Laten Bechtel for helping to sponsor Steve Erwin’s DNA test. And of course we thank Steve for going through with it!

The 12-marker tests are in and early indications show that Steve Erwin, descendant of Francis Erwin (b-1795 VA) could match that of Thomas Ervin who descends from Alexander Brandon Ervin(b-1811 VA). These two families occupied different areas of southeastern Ohio. Francis Erwin’s family in Gallia County and Alexander Brandon Ervin’s family in Jackson County, Ohio.

We expect both the 25-marker and 37-marker test results to arrive sometime within the next week, at which point more details will be available.


JacksonVintonGallia Counties, Ohio

Just for those not familiar with the geography of this part of Ohio: Vinton County abuts on Jackson and
Gallia Counties. In fact it was partly formed in 1850 from both of these counties. By 1880 descendants
of Francis Erwin of Gallia County were in Vinton County. George Ervin, thought to be connected to
Samuel Ervin b. ca. 1775 MD (or VA or PA, depending on which state you like on any given day), appears
in Jackson, Vinton, and Gallia (and ends up in Ross). The third wife of Robert Ervin b. VA 1804 (brother
of Alexander Brandon Ervin) came from Gallia Co.

AND, just to further compound the problem, there are at least two more lines of Irwins/Irvins etc. in
Jackson Co. alone, the descendants of which believe they are not connected to the above-mentioned.

Just to clarify how close

Just to clarify how close these counties are to one another and where these families lived.

Please note that arrows are not meant to indicate which townships these individuals were from.
Southeastern Ohio Counties

Another Francis Erwin

Another Francis Erwin descendant was tested and is listed in the FamilyTreeDNA database. His name is Bruce Erwin. He shows his lineage as this:

Grandfather Roy Erwin b.1881 Columbus OH, d.1961 Fulton, OH
Ggrandfather Ednah Erwin b.1865 OH, wife Eliza b.1870
GGgrandfather Francis Erwin b.1820 OH, d.1898 OH, wife N
GGGgrandfather Edward E Erwin, b.VA

Is the Edward notation an error? The 1880 Vinton County, Wilkesville Township census clearly shows Francis Erwin (b-1820 OH) with a son Ednah (b-1865 OH), but in his defense, Francis Erwin says both of his parents are from VA. Francis Erwin (b-1795) was born Virginia, but his wife Lucy Lawless states she was born in North Carolina.

Did this Francis Erwin Sr. have a brother Edward who also happened to have children named Francis who also had a son named Ednah?

Bruce Erwin

Who does Bruce Erwin match to, if anyone?

Do we have Steve Erwin's lineage?

Aside from Steve, I'm not

Aside from Steve, I'm not sure. Bruce is ETGMN on the CIA Tables and Y-Search.

Francis Erwin descendants

It is important to note that

It is important to note that Steve and Thomas have a genetic distance of -1 as of this 12-marker test. More information on that HERE

Final Test Results are in!

Steve's testing is complete. Registered users may view his DNA Test Values HERE

Is there a connection with

Is there a connection with

Robert Erwin (also found Irwin) &
Elizabeth WALLACE ERWIN. Robert & Elizabeth were both born in 1804 in
Westmoreland Co., PA. (Word of mouth states Robert with 2 other brothers
came to OH bet. 1815 & 1820; Robert went to Scioto Co., one went to Jackson
Co., OH & one to Kentucky.
Robert & Elizabeth Erwin, were married in Adams Co., OH (record is
listed Irwin), 2 Nov 1825.
Robert & Elizabeth WALLACE Erwin purchased property 4 Feb 1836
(Deed-Vol H, pg 491) and recorded 12 May 1836 in Scioto Co., OH (town was
Harrisonville, Madison Twp., Scioto Co., OH which is now called Minford,
Madison Twp., Scioto Co., OH). The deed stated Robert & Elizabeth of
Lawrence Co. (I assume OH).
Their children were:
Andrew, b abt. 1826, married POSSIBLY Callie STOCKHAM
Samuel W., 20 Sep 1828, married Nancy STOCKHAM
Margaret, b 15-18 Feb 1831, married John C. DODGE
Robert, b 25 Jun 1833, married Hulda ROCKWELL
William H., b 15 Dec 1836, 1st-Mariah STOCKHAM; 2nd Lucy CUSH-Bowers
Elizabeth, b 24 Dec 1837, married Asa WHITE
James, b 1839 or 1840, married Malissa FINNEY
Julia Ann, b 30 Apr 1842, married Isaac Allen

I saw this info from one of the members (Judy ERWIN Cornick, Clark Co., OH) here and have received no contact. I am the g-g-grandaughter of James Erwin b1839 and Malissa Finney.


Robert Erwin

Hi Laura,

I will need to look in my records to see if I have any information on your Robert. Are you wanting to know if there is a connection to the Robert and Alexander Erin family or to the Francis Erwin line?


erwin connection...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I'd like to know if there is a connection.
My dad is Admiral Japtha Erwin b nov 1930 and then lineage is
his dad: Admiral Japtha (or Jeptha, Dewey) Erwin, b dec 1897
his dad: Jeptha (Walter) Erwin
his dad: James Erwin
his dad: Robert Erwin
his dad: Robert Erwin (Irwin)

thank you...

Laura Erwin

Would like to contact Laura Erwin Re: Robert ERWIN b 1804

I'm Judy ERWIN Cornick mentioned in her information. I can be reached at judehey6670@sbcglobal.net

Robert Erwin b 1804 Westmoreland Co., PA settled in Scioto Co.,

Robert Erwin, b 22 Jun 1804 Westmoreland Co., PA, married Elizabeth WALLACE 2 Nov 1825 in Adams Co., OH & purchased land in Scioto Co., OH 4 Feb 1836 (Deed-Vol H, pg 491, recorded 12 May 1836). Has anyone contacted your group from this family?? As the story goes 3 brothers came from Westmoreland Co., PA... 1 brother went to Oak Hill, KY; 1 to Jackson Co., OH & my Robert to Scioto Co., OH. My Robert & Elizabeth WALLACE Erwin had 10 children: Andrew Erwin, Samuel W. Erwin, Margaret ERWIN Dodge, Robert, Jr. (my line), A. Erwin, Maria ERWIN, William H. Erwin, Elizabeth ERWIN White, James Erwin, & Julia ERWIN Allen. I have been searhcing for Robert 1804's parents for many years... Thanks, Judy ERWIN Cornick, Clark Co., OH. (I may be able to get my brother to do a DNA test, if you send me the information & costs.

Robert Erwin b-1804 Westmoreland Co., PA

Hi Judy,

We have not had anyone tested from your line (that we know of). If you can have your brother agree to take a DNA test, we'd love to have him join the Clan Irwin DNA study.

We perform the 37-marker test, as it gives us much more information to compare individuals with. Those cost $149 plus $3 shipping. We've fully sponsored these tests in the past and we've also split the cost depending on who all is willing to chip in. Please let me know what your situation is.

Once we determine who/how payment will be made, then I order the test kit and have it sent directly to the DNA participant. It usually arrives in about 5 to 7 days after the order is placed. Instructions come with the kit, but it basically includes two vials and two swabs. A couple of vigorous swabs to the inside of the cheek is all it takes. Those swabs then get placed in the vials, sealed, and mailed back to FamilyTree DNA postage prepaid (If I remember correctly.)

The results come back in 3 stages. The 12-marker, then the 25-marker, and finally the 37-marker. These results are then compared to everyone in the study to determine the probable origin for your line, and confirm any relationship with the other Ervin/Erwin/Irvin lines that we find in southeastern Ohio during the same time frame.

Please let me know if your brother is interested, and what portion, if any, will be contributed.

Thanks for writing!

Amy Ervin-Smithson

Robert Irwin's parents

I think there is a chance that Robert is a son of Samuel Ervin Sr., also born in Pennsylvania. Samuel's son, Samuel Ervin, Jr. (b. Penn), is living in Jackson county in the 1840 census. The information that Robert had a brother who settled in Jackson county and one that settled in Kentucky comes from this book:

Portsmouth Area Recogniton Society, A History of Scioto County Ohio 1986: A Narrative Account of its Beginning, its Development, and its People (Dallas, Texas, 1986, Taylor Publishing Company), p 355. :

"Three brothers came from Westmoreland County, Virginia. One went to Kentucky, one to Jackson, Ohio and Robert Irwin came to Madison Township, Harrisonville, Ohio now Minford. He married Anna Wallace."

(You'll notice the book states that they came from Westmoreland county, Virginia, not Westmoreland county Pennsylvania. However, another book, Nelson W. Evans, A History of Scioto County, Ohio, Together with a Pioneer Record of Southern Ohio (Portsmouth, Ohio, 1903), p 971, states "...Robert Erwin, who came to Ohio from Pennsylvania. He was of Irish descent, and settled first in Scioto county, near Portsmouth, at Jeffordsville, and removed from that place to Madison township about 1835") I think a DNA test is an excellent idea.

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