Descendant of Robert Ervin (b-1804 VA) Joins DNA Study

Richard Henry Ervin, a descendant of Robert Ervin (b-1804 VA) has agreed to join the Clan Irwin DNA study.

Robert Ervin (b-1804 VA) is the brother to Alexander Brandon Ervin (b-1811 VA), and while we already have two DNA samples from the Alexander line, we are wanting to test Robert's line as well for two reasons: One, to eliminate any and all possibility of a NPE (Non Paternal Event) between Robert and Alexander, and that which might explain the "close" relationship between their Ervin branch and the Samuel Ervin branch; and Two, to genetically confirm the fact that Robert and Alexander are brothers, even though we have what seems to be adequate evidence to support this.

More information will be posted as this process gets underway. In the meantime, you may view past DNA results from our members or even compare DNA results with our new DNA comparison tool.

*UPDATE*  Rich has since decided that he'd rather not do the testing.  Funding for this test is still available for a descendant of Robert Ervin (b-1804 vA).  Contact Amy for details.


Hutchinson match 66/67 with Borders Model on Clan Irwin Site


I am new to this website. My mothers maiden name is Hutchinson and  I sponsored a male relative by the name of Hutchinson for Y67 DNA testing and we found out that we are not Hutchinsons but match 66/67 markers with the Borders model on the Clan Irwin site.  We were advised there must have been a NPE.  Our earliest known ancestor Henry Hutchinson per the 1850 federal census was living in Erwin, NY and was 51 years old and born in NJ.  His closest neighbors were Erwins and some of his children had what I believe are Erwin names like Samuel, Scott, Ross  and George Washington.   Henry's son George Washington Hutchinson was my great great grandfather.  I believe the NPE occurred at Henry's generation as  I don't think it is just a coincidence that he lived in Erwin, NY and his neighbors were Erwin.  The only paper trail we have is the 1850 census and I am hoping that I can at least find out what branch we belong to.  We had 6 matches on familytree dna 66/67.  I am listing the Y67 DNA results which I would appreciate being posted to your site.  On the Clan Irwin site they list George Washington Hutchinson as the earliest known ancestor but actually it is his father, Henry Hutchinson born appx 1799 in NJ per the 1850 census record.  The person tested was George Hutchinson also who is a great grandson of Henry.

The founder of Erwin, NY was a Colonel Arthur Erwin, who came to Bucks County, PA in 1768 and founded the town of Erwinna, PA and later Erwin in Steuben County, NY.  I believe this is the branch we are related to, but I have not been able to locate a known descendant of Colonel Arthur Erwin.  I would be willing to sponsor a documented descendant of Colonel Arthur Erwin for the Y67 DNA test and I hope that posting this information here will help in this endeavor.

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