Commodore Ervin (b-1814) KY

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Genetic difference of -2 compared to Fred M. Ervin III (Owen)
Genetic differnece of -1 compared to John Willis Ervin (Thomas)
Genetic difference of -2 compared to James Leroy Ervin (Samuel Jr.)
Genetic difference of -2 compared to Roy Eugene Ervin (John)
Genetic difference of -1 compared to Robert Joseph ARVIN (Thomas Arvin 1725)

1880 Indiana, Jasper County, South Muddy Census
Commodore Irvin, M, 66, KY (b-1814), VA, VA
Anna Irvin, Wife, F, 53, KY (b-1827), KY, KY
James, son, M, 21, Ind (b-1859), KY, KY
Delila A. Irvin, daughter, F, 18, Ind. (b-1862), KY, KY
Franklin Irvin, son, M, 16, Ind, (b-1864), KY, KY

1870 Indiana, Bartholomew County, Flatrock Twp. Census
Comodore Irwin, 56 (b-1814), M, W, Farmer, Kentucky
Annie, 46 (b-1824), F, W, Keeping House, Kentucky
John, 23 (b-1847), M, W, Farm Laborer, Ohio
Edith, 19 (b-1851), F, W, At Home, Ind.
William, 15 (b-1855), M, W, At Home, Ind. (William died 30 Dec 1939 in Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois. Says he was born Aug 20, 1856 and married Rhodis Ervin. Lists Commodore D. Ervin as father.)
James, 12 (b-1858), M, W, At Home, Ind.
Deliah A, 10 (b-1860), F, W, At Home, Ind.
Benjm. F., 8 (b-1862), M, W, , Ind.

1860 Indiana, Bartholomew County, Flatrock Twp. Census
Commador Irwin, 37 (b-1823), M, Farmer, KY
Anna, 28 (b-1832), F, KY
Jackson, 15 (b-1845), M, Ind.
John, 13 (b-1847), M, Ohio
Dady (Edith), 11 (1849), F, Ind.
David, 8 (b-1852), M, Ind.
Edith, 10 (b-1850), F, Ind.
William, 6 (b-1854), M, Ind.
James, 3 (b-1857), M, Ind.

1850 Indiana, Bartholomew County, Flatrock Twp. Census
Comedore Ervin, 30 (b-1830), m, Brick Mason, Ohio
Anna, 29 (b-1821), F, , Ky
Jackson 6 (b-1844), M, Ind
John, 4 (b-1846), M, Ind
Comedore Jr., 2 (b-1848), M, Ind
Edey (maybe Edith?) 0/12 (b-1850), F Ind. (

1860 Indiana, Bartholomew County, Clay Twp. Census (has to be related, maybe Commodore Sr's brother)
Jackson Irwin, 48 (b-1812), M, Farmer Tenant, KY
Rosanna, 30 (b-1830), F, Ohio
Philip, 16 (b-1844), M, OH
David, 14 (b-1846), M, OH
Marietta, 13 (b-1847), F, OH
Commodore, 11 (b-1849), M, OH (possible marriage record)
William, 9 (b-1851), M, OH
Elizabeth, 7 (b-1853), F, OH
Thomas, 6 (b-1854), M, Ind.
Mary E., 3 (b-1857), F, Ind.
Benjamin, 2/12, (b-1860), Ind.

1870 Indiana, Jasper County, Carpenter Twp. Census (probably not related)
William Irvin, 56, M, W, Farmer, KY
Sallie, 53, F, W, Keeping House, Delaware
John A., 11, M, W, Ind.
Caroline, 9, F, W, Ind.
Robert, 24, M, W, Works on Farm, Ind.

Possible Marriages?
Joseph C. Irwin m. Ann O. Showard, daughter of Levin Showard in Jefferson, KY Jul 9, 1833 -

Commodore Irwin m. Anna Percel on Jun 1, 1843 -

Commodore Irwin mentioned in the Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Ohio which was held in the City of Columbus on Monday, December 7, 1840.

"Commodore Erwin has lived in said township for some years, and informed said deponent that he had only been out into the State of Indiana to see his mother, who had lately removed to that State, and soon returned, and that he did not go with an intention to remain longer; said Erwin is a single man,and has uniformly lived in said township, and a citizen of the United States;"

"10—Deposition of Isaac Dunn.

At the same time and place, personally came Isaac Dunn, of White water township, Hamilton county, Ohio, and being duly sworn, according to law, deposeth and saith as follows: I reside in Whitewater township, and have 30 years; was born there. I knew Daniel Cloud; he told me he voted the Van Buren ticket on the 13th ult., on which George W. Holmes's name was as a candidate for senator; he told he was not twenty one years of age; he voted in said township of Whitewater. I know Commodore Irwin; he came into the state of Ohio within the last 3 months, from Columbus, in the state of Indiana; he said he and his brother owned land in Indiana; he voted at our polls, in said Whitewater township, on the 13th ult., for state and county officers, and Voted the Van Buren party ticket. This I have from himself. He said he formerly resided in Cincinnati, Ohio, and had owned a house and lot there, and had sold out and gone to Indiana; the property in Cincinnati he said belonged to himself and brother, but do not know what time he left; he, I judge, is an unmarried man; he now is to work in said Whitewater township, and says he will go out home again in the winter. The first I knew of him in Ohio, was last spring, 1840; he came and worked until over corn planting; he then went out to Indiana and remained until after the August election, and then returned into our township again. I had some conversation with him before he went out to Indiana, after corn planting, and I think he told me he wanted to get home to vote at the August election, in that state; but in this I may be mistaken, but I believe I am right in what I have said."

I looked through the 1830 and 1840 Hamilton County, Whitewater Twp. census records page by page and did not find any Irwin's, Ervin's, Erwin's, etc.

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There is a listing for a

There is a listing for a Commodore Erwin in the California, Death and Burial Records from Select Counties, 1873-1987 on d- Nov 13 1898. Same one?

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