Church of Christ a/k/a Freewill Baptist Church on Leading Creek of Salisbury, Meigs County, Monthly Meeting Minutes

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Received from a post by Mark Meinhart of OHMeigs mailing list on 03/12/2010

Records of the Church of Christ
Also called - Freewill Baptist Church
Prepared by the Genealocical Research committee Clough Valley Chapter Daughters of the American Reolution Terrace Park, Ohio

Original transcribed documents attached, summary of Ervin/Irvin mentions below:

Pg. 4
Names of Members in fellowship belonging to the Fellowship Church of Christ in Salisbury on Leading Creek
Brothers: John Irvin - rejected
Sisters: Emilia Irvin

Pg. 19
March, Second Saturday, 1815
Met at Bro. Davis's. Appointed Brothers James Merril and Luke Brine to sit council at next quarterly meeting. Withdrew hands of fellowship from John Irvin for immoral conduct after repeated endeavors to reclaim him.

Pg. 22-23
Names of Members in Standing in the Church - May 1816
Permilla Irvin
Samuel Lyon

Pg. 31
January, Second Saturday 1819
Met at Brother Benedicts. Names mentioned - Rowland Hubbill, Wm. Parker, B.H. Niles, Betsey Hubbill, Alijah Hubbill Jr., David Johnson, James Forrest, Abel Gould, Emma Ervin, Cynthia Bryan, Armstrong & Lydia Winn, Jeremiah Carpenter, Luke Brine, Mary & Alfred King, Selah Barret, Polly Everton, Nancy Everton, Wm. McKee, Thomas Everton, Polly Holt, Felix Benedict and George Davis.

Pg. 88-89
The Ladies Aid Society took up the first work and with its aid of their pastor Rev. F.W. Chase seated the church with chairs costing one dollar and seventy cents each, the old seats being sold to aid in the work. This improvement was made in May, 1904. This goes in as a memorial for the zealous work of the following which constituted the membership:

Mrs. Blanch McCormick, President
Mrs. Sarah Lasher, Vice President
Mrs. Sallie Chase, Secretary
Mrs. Ida Stansbury, Treasurer
Mrs. Birda Lasher
Mrs. Margaret Black
Mrs. Theodocia Hooper
Mrs. Mary Taylor
Mrs. Bessie Irvin
Mrs. Rebecka McCormick
Miss Clarissa Benedict
Miss Delia Stansbury
Miss Millie Paulk
Miss Emma Stansbury
Miss Nettie Chase

Pg. 90-93
November 1st, 1899 it was proposed to take advantage of the coming Thanksgiving to take thank offerings, and that they be used to purchase a new front door, for the church, and make it a memorial to the faithfulness, and liberality of Sister Delia Stansbury who being an invalid had not attended service for eight years. Circular were sent to all her relatives and friends who responded as follows:

Many names mentioned including S. Asa Irvin and Le Clare Irvin.

Pg. 98
The following young ladies of Williams Lannings Sunday School class took up the work of raising money to purchase a heater for the church, which was put in November 1904, at a cost of forty four dollars.

Birdie Giles, Silva Lanning, Lillian Chase, Genevieve Stansbury, Nellie Price, Bessie Irvin, Blanche Holt, Anna Hooper, Lena Bradford.

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