Children of Bundy Elwood Ervin and Annabelle Loudermilk

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Email from Nancy Pittenger Tennant

I am looking for info on children of Bundy Elwood Ervin and Annabelle Loudermilk. Their children were the following: Paul, Dewey, and James Ervin. James is the only one still living that I know of. Dewey just passed this year and Paul passed before Dewey. Any info that I could add to the tree would be nice.
I'm Nancy (Pittenger) Tennant. My Father was Everett Wesley Pittenger m) Wilma Burke. His parents were Clyde Ernest Pittenger and Edith Marthana Lavina Loudermilk. Trying to update some info. Nothing goes on the Internet.

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Hi Nancy, Sorry it took so

Hi Nancy,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Things were fairly hectic this week after returning from vacation. I quickly realized something when reviewing your email in more detail. The children you are requesting information on were all born after 1930, so it'll be difficult for me to find anything on them.

I did just a little bit of research on the names that you gave me to see if we could be related. I'm able to find Sanford Ervin in the 1900 Vinton County, Elk Township census with 5 other siblings and parents of a William and Clarissa. (Actually her name is illegible in this census, but Clarissa is named in the 1910 census - at first glance it appears that William may have been married twice. Do you know?)

I see them again in the 1910 Vinton Co, Elk. census but William is gone and another sibling has arrived as well. So we have the following:

William Ervin (b-abt 1855)
Clarissa (b-abt 1870)
Sanford (b-abt 1885)
Delmer (b-abt 1888)
George W. )b-abt 1892)
Dora (b-abt 1894)
Sarah E. (b-abt 1896)
Cruilla M. (b-1900)
Clyde L. (b-abt 1905)

I tried to go backwards to see if somehow William tied into any of my relatives in the area and I can't find definitive proof of who Williams parents were. There is a William Irvin (that fits the 1855 birth year of Sanford's father) who is a son of a Jacob and Christina Irvin, but I can't seem to find Jacob in the census in any year other than 1880. If you have information on William's parents, I'd love to know this for reference purposes! Without this information, the other names don't tie into my family, so I'm inclined to believe that we're not related.

I was also able to find Sanford and Nancy with a infant son named Stanley in the 1910 Athens Co., Waterloo Twp. census. Wasn't able to find them in the 1920, but then found poor Stanford in the 1930 Athens County Hospital for the Insane.

I did find Dewey's obituary which listed his children, but couldn't find Paul's.

I'd love to keep looking into William's history if you have any of those answers. Let me know!

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Have Information regarding my Father Dewey Ervin and Uncle Paul

Hi, I am the grand daughter of Bundy E. Ervin and AnnaBelle Loudermilk. I am Dewey's daughter from his first marriage to Rosie (White) Ervin. My name is Amy Lynn Ervin. My parents divorced years ago. (I am 35 and they divorced when I was 6)

My father, Dewey, then married Becky (Blackstone) Ervin and I have a half sister named Amanda Ervin.

Regarding the missing info on my Uncle, Paul Ervin. He married Connie, do not know my aunts maiden name.
Their childrens names are Paul, Brent and Rhonda. My cousins all have children of their own now. I will contact them so they can post more info.

If you would like, please email me at

Thank you very much, I am pleased to find some ancestry info online :)

Hi Nancy! I'm replying back

Hi Nancy!
I'm replying back to the message from sassylibra33. She told me about this site and I can actually prolly help you w/some of the ppl you were asking about.
My name is Keshia (Bright) Elkins and I'm the daughter of Rhonda (Ervin) Bright. Rhonda is the daughter of Paul and Connie Ervin.
I dunno really what type of info you're looking for but I will give you my e-mail addy and you can contact me and my mother and I can try to give you what info you need or would like! :) is my e-mail addy... feel free to message me anytime and I will get back w/you.
Hope to hear from you soon and be able to give you some usful info. This is pretty intresting to me. :)

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