1927 West High School Class Photo

This has been on my To Do List for a long time. Shortly after my father passed away in 2006, I was going through his belongings and found this 1927 class picture from West High School. The 21 x 17 picture is printed on heavy stock and had been stored in his garage for who knows how many years and was worn and water-damaged.

What is curious to me is that I don't recognize any of my known relatives in the picture, so I'm not why my father had it, other than to say it may have belonged to my grandfather.

Even though I have no personal connection to the picture, I wanted to document this image for anyone else out there who may be able to identify an ancestor or two. If you hover your mouse over the individual portraits, you should see the student's name. Please comment if you found this useful and recognize anyone. I'd also love to know where West High School is - I assume it is near the Columbus, Ohio area.

I would be willing to donate the picture to the right person. If you are interested, please contact me.

Philip Momburg
Francis Miller
Otto Michaelis
Cecil Whitt
James Tharp
Edgar Hiser
Louis Phelps
Don Hessler
John McNamee
Robin Sharp
Lucille Hitsch
Gladys Hoffman
James Williams - Pres.
John Feder - V-Pres.
Margaret Kuhn - Secy.
Margaret Tucker - Treas.
Florence O'Harra
Mildred Smothers
John Thornton
Howard Illegible
Robert McKinley
Kenneth Kidd
Ferne Shelton
Mildred Lusk
Esther Manson
Leona Ruder
Elsie Taylor
Florence Kelley
Viva Lightfoot
Louise Harrison
Chester Doughty
Edward Heine
Eugene McClain
Warren McLean
Margaret Scott
Mabel Adair
Violet Rieck
Isabel Lavely
Thelma Paulus
Marcella Thompson
Etoile McMaken
Marie Rhyan
Gale Daulton
Lester Hipple
Albert Leaman
Emory Norris
Maxine Cratty
Gertrude Schafer
Susie Scurlock
Isabel Hughes
Lucille Elliott
Helen Cunningham
Marion Hathaway
Anna May McDaniel
Helen Thorne
William Huffman
William Kline
Eugene McCarty
Frank Schmidt
Dorothy Debow
Marigayle Darby
Christina MacKenzie
Gertrude Cramer
Garnet Cramer
Bernice Brown
Alice Crouthers
Elizabeth Dudley
Paul Friebis
Ralph Keller
Russell Drake
Kenneth Bentz
Henry Tarbett
Florence Eberhard
Julia Harrison
Mildred Eader
Irene Skipper
Virginia Doolittle
Vivian Edler
Marguerita Donahue
Gerald Wilson
Joe Murphy
Wm. Montgomery
Omer Walters
Louis Schwartz
Ruth Beckett
Viola Theis
Dorothy Hammerstein
Doris Stewart
Helen Giffin
Helen Stewart
Ruth Butler
Ruth Frazell
Joseph Fiori
William Nice
Victor Bazler
Robert Evans
Paul Gribble
Ruth Johnson
Gladys Ziegler
Virginia Saunders
Irene Suddick
Gwendolyn Blair
Marjorie Worthington
Geraldine Ginsburg
Ruth Vorce
William Pearch
Elizabeth Stahl
Lonell Thompson
Quintella Walker
Fred Hammond
Albert Essex
Myron Riley
Floyd Cannon
Paul Hammond
Thelma Geil
Lilda Uhl
Mary Johnston
Jack Felty
Jean Scott
Richard Yeager
Jesse Wilson
Ralph Swisher
Nellie White
Thelma Theis
Mildred Ford
Eva Miller
Florence Wilkinson
Edith Gibson
Alvareen Paulin
Robert Thomas
Robert Currier
Gilbert Bartgis
John Wagnitz
Kenneth Bishop
Fred Brobst
Frank Calland
William Dent
Glen Crosbie
Stanley Hamilton
Herbert Cooper
Paul Casey
Don Dear

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